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Acton Coffee House Art Exhibition
We are pleased to exhibit Danielle Thompson's woodcut prints in the café. Danielle Thompson received an undergraduate degree in Studio Arts from Skidmore College, completed a Master of Art in printmaking at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica in Venice Italy and studied Museum Studies at Tufts University. She has exhibited her work internationally and been awarded residency and assistantship opportunities to continue her practice. Currently based in Cambridge, MA, Danielle has worked at a number of cultural organizations in the Boston area, including Artists For Humanity and the New Art Center in Newton, MA. This summer she will relocate to Williamsburg, MA where she will teach drawing and painting at the Snow Farm Craft School.

Ms. Thompson provides the following statement on the work exhibited at the café:

The interplay between abstraction and representation in my work denotes curiosity and lightness, but seldom frivolity. These woodcut prints result from an intuitive exploration of form, color, contrast and texture visually based on places that have inspired me.

The woodcut method I use is called reduction printing. In its purest form, the reductive printing method challenges the creator to print using only one woodblock, but to achieve a variety of colors. I build colors by working in layers from light to dark. My prints will have anywhere from 5 to 20 layers. In the end, my block has only the lines and areas representing the deepest shadows remaining, and from this, I print my final darkest color.

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Danielle Thompson
Woodcut Prints
Layered Mountains Gold and Red
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